• The "Regulation for walking and hiking tours" and the "Tour guarantee" must be filled out, signed and returned to your tour Guide prior to participation. They will be send to you by email in case you want to book a tour. 


  • It’s necessary to be properly equipped for an excursion in a natural environment.




       * Bring proper clothing – several lightweight layers that can be easily put on and removed, as              well as protective raingear;

       * Proper walking or hiking boots are essential to a safe walking experience: footwear must fit              well and also contain sufficient support and tread.

       * In your daypack cannot miss: water bottle (1 lt. at least), raingear, mole skin or bandages for            blisters, extra lightweight base layer (in case of perspiration or wet weather), sun screen,

          hat, snack.

       * Walking poles and a torch are recommended; 


You don't need a first aid kit, I always carry it and I have a CPR certification that meets the International Guidelines.


If necessary, we will inform the participants about any other specific equipment requested for a particular excursion

  • The participants are required to FOLLOW THE GUIDE'S DIRECTIVES, to abandon the path and the group only with the Guide’s authorization. The Guide will not be responsible in case one or more participants decide voluntarily to abandon the group: in this case, the Guide is raised from any liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur to them.

  • ​​If deemed necessary, THE GUIDE CAN: 

       * exclude those who are not considered fit enough or not properly equipped for the excursion             proposed;

       * cancel the tour or modify the itinerary in case of weather / environmental / force majeure                   conditions which don’t permit to guarantee the safety of the group;

       * modify the tour program if the safety or the well-being of even one of the participants is at               risk. The Guide, if necessary, can decide for an early return, without this causing any dispute             by the others participants;

       * exclude from the tour those who haven’t booked;


  • It’s necessary to BE ON TIME for respecting logistics, timing and the group;


  • The tour duration can vary depending on the level of participants, weather conditions, etc.: FLEXIBILITY required;


  • To switch off the phone is recommended (or, at least, to keep very low ringer) during the tour, not to disturb the others participants and to enjoy the nature;


  • Do not leave waste along the path;


  • Dogs are allowed with the lash and the previous authorization of the Guide;


  • Respect any animal, don’t disturb their habitat;


  • Do not pick or touch plants you’re not familiar with – avoid potential allergic reactions and respect the nature. 




Any walk can be tailored on your fitness and interests. There are so many options in Tuscany!!! Routes have varied terrains and distances, so you can walk as much or as little as you wish. As you can understand I'm very flexible, there will always be a suitable route option! 



Well-kept paths, fine for even occasional walkers. 

Average daily distance: 3 - 9 Km / 2 - 6 miles

Average daily walking time: Up to 4 hours



Ideal for those who walk for a morning or afternoon on a regular basis. Footing may be on a variety of surfaces. No extended ascents or descents, but some rewarding climbs.

Average daily distance: 6 - 13 Km / 4 - 8 miles

Average daily walking time: Up to 5 hours



Suitable for experienced walkers who are comfortable with ascents and descents (but no scrambling!). Uneven terrain possible. Elevation gains of up to 600 mt / 2.000 feet.

Average daily distance: 9 - 16 Km / 6 - 10 miles or more

Average daily walking time: Up to 6 hours or more 


Icons meaning

             Full Day tour: morning and afternoon together 

             Half Day tour: together the morning (until max 1:00 pm) OR the afternoon (from 2:00 pm)